About Us

EKSONIC was born out of a US and Greek collaboration. We are proud to call Athens, Greece our headquarters and manufacturing home, with EU and US based distribution hubs.

Who we are

We are audiophiles first, with deep roots in the community. Over the past decade we have developed a trusted reputation that you may have seen as “Kerry Built”. It stands for ultimate quality and innovation in the audio space.

Our tagline, Vision within Music ™, reflects our desire to present an inviting and flawless soundstage, along with a highly detailed yet neutral sound, so your listening experience is as the artist intended.

We are audiophiles who want the best for our customers. We care about and prioritize your experience.

As founders, we have extensive management and manufacturing backgrounds, including quality control methods.

Roots in the community

  • Eksonic has deep roots in the DYI enthusiast community and will continue to support our friends.

Known for quality builds

  • “Kerry Built” has come to be synonymous with elegance and superb quality. We will continue to carry this forward into every Eksonic product.


  • Eksonic continuously looks to move the audio industry forward. We strive to blend form and function and have pushed past many boundaries to bring what we believe to be visually and sonically stunning amplifiers.

  • We are proud of our early involvement and use of the Golden Reference High Voltage power supply and subsequent miniaturization. It is the quietest high voltage supply available and has become the de facto standard for the DIY community.

Modern SMD designs

  • Eksonic uses modern SMD parts with very tight tolerances throughout the operating range of our amplifiers. This helps us maintain sonic perfection and space efficiency while allowing us to leverage our robust electronic designs.

  • The electronics industry is being pushed more and more towards SMD technologies driven by key industries such as auto and telecom. With current supply chain shortages, our focus on modern and high precision parts will help us to keep our product designs available for a long time to come.

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